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Sands House Fundraiser

Help Sands House Inc. continue to support the community with its good work. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to support next years efforts

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Networking Event

Sands House Inc. held a community event premiering its partnership with Brooklyn's Largest Minority LGBT Organization, GMAD (Gay Med of African Descent)





Harlem Pride

During Harlem Pride, Sands House Inc. reached out to the community educating them on the services available.





NYC Pride

Sands House Inc. showing off their pride at the NYC Pride event







Police Contact


Sands House has a sensitivity training police department on how to work with the client.

Sands House  currently has services including; Court Advocacy, Court-Jail diversion and Judge Training

Sands House also does discharge planning as individuals are getting ready to renter society as well as provide support through our Mental Health group.

Our 4 Point Intervention Model


As an individual is in the process of re-entering society, Sands House provides support through resiliency groups, case management and mental health therapy.

Meet Janeace

My name is Janeace Dudley and I am a member of Sands’ House. I came from the criminal justice system looking for a way out of drugs and mayhem. I saw a flyer for Sands’ House, and felt like this could be a way for me to change. The way I think and learn are a different way of life. Patrick Sands, the founder

and CEO, gave me the courage i needed to get back on track. I started as a client and am now doing an internship at Sands’ House. I am grateful because no one ever gave me an opportunity until Patrick did. His team is phenomenal! I spoke at a forum on August 15, 2013 which was a success if you ask me. I got to talk about my life and experience of being incarcerated and people actually listened for the first time. And now I stand not alone but with Sands’ House. I am currently getting therapy and training. Thank you Patrick Sands for giving me the opportunity to shine and to accomplish my goals. I welcome any one who’s struggling, and who is part of LGBT community to come be a part of our fellowship. And you, too, will see the beauty of Sands’ House


Help support SANDS' House, Inc.  with your tax-deductible donation today.


We are current using Gay Men of African Descent, Inc., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, as our fiscal sponsor.


You may send a check to SANDS' House Inc., in care of:


Gay Men of African Descent, Inc.

44 Court Street, Suite 1000

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Attn: SANDS' House, Inc.


Please make all checks payable to Gay Men of African Descent, Inc. and include the following note in the memo field "For SANDS' House, Inc." to ensure proper credit.



You can also donate online via Network For Good. Please be sure to indicate in the "Designation" field that your donation is for SANDS' House, Inc. to ensure proper credit.



Sands House Inc. held its   2nd annual Community Forum about alternatives to incarceration and re-entry issues related to the LGTBQ community on August 15, 2013

About Us


Client Story

A community forum entitled “What Are The Experiences of LGBTQ/SGL Persons as They Navigate The Criminal Justice System” This project will assist service providers to ameliorate programs and services for previously and currently incarcerated LGBTQ/SGL individuals.

These classes most specifically address the outstanding needs and concerns of LGBTQ/SGL people who are currently on parole, probation or have been arrested in last ninety days. The overall goal for these classes is to ensure each program participant is provided with the resources that foster maximum awareness and accountability to ultimately make better decisions throughout their lives.

Community Forums

Resiliency Classes



This project will assist us in discharge planning for people who are about to be released from prison. Services include seminars on life skills and case management.

Image program:


We believe that social media is a great way for LGBTQ/SGL people to gain support from one another through websites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, SANDS’ House’s Inc. CEO will maintain weekly blog posts encouraging clients to post their thoughts. Check us out on www.facebook.com/sandshouseinc and www.twitter.com/sandshouseinc.

Social Media Project:


We are planning to rent apartments and offer transitional housing for LGBTQ/SGL people who have just been released from prison. An affirming and safe living environment is rudimentary to providing the elements of hope, productivity and respect while rebuilding one’s living and connection to the community.



Future GED classes and partnerships with America Works will provide each client with the opportunity to obtain a GED and have access to job placement resources in an effort to maximize the clients efforts to secure and sustain viable employment.

GED/ Job Placement


"Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth."

William Faulkner

Our Mission

To provide access to services and to promote mental and emotional healing for LGBT and SGL persons who are returning from incarceration as well as those who are currently serving time ­— usually in secrecy and in hiding.

Connect With Us

If you would like to know more about Sands House Inc. , would like to work for us , interested in utilizing our services or just want to say hello,  we are here.  Please email us at psands@sandshouseinc.org to connect with us personally.

We care because you matter!!!

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